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100 Day Checkup in Katy TX April 2016

100 Day Checkup in Katy TX April 2016


My business plan emphasis for years 2014 thru 2016 has been centered on improving my own health. The reasoning for this type of plan is very simple as if I do not have good health then I cannot be a high performing and functional professional and more importantly a good spouse and/or family member. I owe it to my family to work as hard as I can to improve both my physical and mental health. Numerous years in the past I put major emphasis on professional work on little on my own health.


I am right on course for following my own health business plan in the first 100 days of 2016. I have continued to watch closely ( but not as strictly as last year) what I eat and have added more and more organics to the food mix as well as items which are directed towards the microbiomes in my body. I started working out on a regular basis in Sept 2013 and now have a routine where I will make sure I work out between 3-5 times each week at Life Time Fitness in Katy depending on the week and what is going on in the rest of my life. I am stronger in my upper body now than I have been in many years and my entire core body is much stronger and more agile. I still have a long way to go but the effort so far effort expended has been well worth it.


Weight workout.jpeg

I lost around 40 pounds from Feb 1, 2014 to the present but I have gained some weight this past year. I really have leveled off on attempting to lose weight and I am not striving to lose much weight but to maintain my weight and redistribute from one or more parts of my body to others. Since I am working hard in those workouts, I eat a lot of protein and really do not get than concerned about calories. I do plan to try to lose about 6-7 pounds in the next few months before my annual physical exam as my Doctor will get on me if I do not drop these pounds. He thinks I should weigh what I did weigh about 25 years ago which is not going to happen ( not even in my dreams).


I do need to see our eye doctor as my sleep apnea CPAP machine is causing me a lot of eye discomfort plus sight issues as well as adding large wrinkles to my face. I hope to find something which will stop the spreading of these face mask induced wrinkles during the remainder of 2016. Does anyone have any suggestions?


As this year progresses I will continue to vary my workouts as I have done for several months. I have varied my weight training by doing sets with heavy weights and then doing sets on another day with lighter weights. This means I add or delete exercises or stretches as time goes on and I have added some Yoga poses. I hope to continue to increase my Yoga poses which will  improve my overall flexibility and balance. I also hope to dapple in mediation. I have read varying exercise routines is very important to do as your body easily grows use to what you are doing and it does not make forward progress from a flexibility, strength or body core standpoint.


I want to add riding my bike on a regular basis to my exercise / fitness regime  as well swimming. I had these two items on my list last year but time prevented me from doing very much of either. Both of these activities will add more variance and help to improve my overall conditioning. My plan to make this happen.


I also hope to spend more time as tax season winds down taking personal time to play golf or maybe even sailing on our friends sail boat. I have wanted to play more golf for several years but have failed to do so. Yolanda always encourages me to have some fun and relax as I tend to be a workaholic. We do travel but most of the other time finds me working on our home or real estate when I am not working my full time gig.


My Real Estate business has taken a back seat to my person fitness and health goals and business plan and will continue to do so into the future. Lucky for me Real Estate earnings is not critical to our lifestyle. I will wait till it is closer to the end of the year to see if I will extend this plan further with this type of priority into 2017 but my guess is that it will continue into next year and beyond.


Thanks for reading my 100 Day Checkup and have a great weekend.  


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100 Day Checkup in Katy TX April 2016
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